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Hey, there.

Welcome to Mom's Kitchen Catering Co, where we take pride in offering a truly heartfelt and flavorful experience for all of our customers. Eating a meal from Mom's Kitchen is a comforting experience that embodies a wide variety of flavors as each dish tells a story, brimming with love and care that's been poured into its preparation. The menu is always filled with a variety of dishes, ranging from classic comfort foods to innovative creations, all crafted with the freshest local ingredients and a bit of an expert touch. Join us at Mom's Kitchen where you'll find a taste of home in every bite. 

Chef Mariah

I'm Chef Mariah, the heart and soul behind Mom's Kitchen Catering Co. My passion for cooking was ignited in my very own kitchen, learning and creating treasured family recipes side by side with my father. Growing up in the distinctive food culture of Oregon and my years of traveling abroad has played a significant role in shaping my culinary identity. From farm-to-table freshness to a diverse array of meals from the Caribbean, Mexico, and Italy. I did not attend a traditional culinary program, I instead learned the trade through owning and operating a local food trailer, studying under an award winning chef, and lots of trial & error! The years of hard work and experience set me a step above the rest, and I look forward to showcasing my food to you and your guests! 

What truly sets Mom's Kitchen Catering Co apart is my wanderlust and incredible flavors I've encountered during my travels abroad. My adventures in the Caribbean and Polynesian islands have left an indelible mark on my cooking style. Trips to Greece, Italy, and Germany provided a new level of flavor and ideas that I cannot wait to share with you. The vibrant spices, fresh seafood, and tropical fruits, along with the soothing, soulful flavors of various world cuisine, have all found their way into my heart and my kitchen. My Western style cooking roots allow me to bring these unique dishes to you with ease and comfort. Whether you're planning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, let me create a menu for you and your guests that will delight each and every one. 

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